Introducing IPCA Sunday Specials



  1. Surpassing what is common or usual; exceptional.
  2. Distinct among others of a kind.
  3. Primary.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.


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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

  • Exhibit Opens: 28 January 2022

  • Members’ Choice Voting 1-13 February 2022

  • Members’ Choice Announced 20 February 2022


C'mon In, the Gallery is FINE

The Second Annual Global Exhibition of Members' Work is open!  51 artists from 10 countries have contributed to an amazing variety of work.

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 Image Processing Information from Georg Dinkel

Polymer artist and photographer, Georg Dinkel, created this video for IPCA members. It has wonderful information on image editing and online tools that artists can use to manipulate their photos. Thank you, Georg!!

The links below are mentioned in the video.

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Announcing the 2021 Global Exhibit Sponsors

Polymer clay is the thing that brings us all together. As polymer artists, we support a number of polymer and tool manufacturers. We're pleased to have these manufacturers support us through their gallery sponsorship.

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We Asked, You Answered

In September 2019, the IPCA board was pursuing potential venues for the next Synergy event. I toured several locations in the Washington, DC area, looking for the perfect spot for the next IPCA event.

The COVID pandemic caused us to regroup, rethink, and retool many programs and events to meet our members' need for connections within the polymer community. It became obvious that we would not be able to host an in-person event for the foreseeable future and transitioned to twice-weekly Zoom talks and clay-days. 

We introduced the first Global Exhibition of Members’ Work which was an enormous success with 170 entries and 74 participants from around the world. In fact, we just announced the dates for the second annual global exhibition.

It’s one thing for a board to try to provide content and another to fulfill a stated need. This summer, we surveyed current and former members of the IPCA about their program preferences, and we learned a lot! For example: 

  • If the IPCA were to hold a major event in the next 18 months, which formats appeal most to you?

The majority chose a hybrid (in-person/virtual) event followed by an exclusively virtual event. Hands-on classes, retreat, and conference were dead last.

  • How likely are you to attend an event held online? 

8 out of 10 said yes!

  • What should be the focus of the IPCA? 

Two thirds of you preferred monthly zoom programs such as audio tours, artist chats, themed discussions, etc.

In response to the survey, Kathryn Corbin, our VP of Program Development, has crafted a program designed to bring desired content to our members on a rotating pre-scheduled basis. Starting in 2022, we will bring you SUNDAY SPECIALS: TALK, TECH AND TOUR.

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