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At a recent IPCA Zoom get together, a new member, who happens to also be pretty new to polymer clay, asked the following question:

I am new to clay and I am already feeling uninspired. I have watched so many tutorials but I don't know what to do next to stay inspired. How do you all stay inspired?

This question sparked an hour long discussion and our IPCA members did not disappoint in their answers! We thought we would share their ideas here, since we know that inspiration is something we all lack from time to time. Here are some sure fire ways to get your inspirational juices flowing again!

Take a break from polymer and try something different like photography, scrapbooking, textiles, puzzles, etc.
Walk in nature and observe the leaves, bark, rocks, flowers.... everything, up close.
Fight the instinct to go straight to Pinterest! It may overwhelm you and keep you uninspired. Plus, it is just more tutorials and/or pics of pieces that you might want to "copy".
Look at other genres of art and see what inspires you.... and ask WHY.
 Speak to other artists about what they do, their process, what inspires them and why.
Read! Read books about polymer clay, read books about anything! Reading stirs your creativity and your imagination!
Walk around your house and find objects that you could use in your clay work. Bring them to your table and start playing! So many household objects can be used for texture, shaping, mokume gane, etc.
Walk around your area and find "lost objects" that could be used in your polymer clay work and bring them to your table! I found the coolest strip of something in my front yard that makes a really cool texture! 
Go to the craft store and walk up and down each and every aisle with a basket and see what you can find! Maybe that cake lace mold is perfect for you! Or maybe that little bottle is calling your name!
Bring a little bit of conditioned polymer or some mold making material with you out on a walk and take impressions/molds of cool textures that you find.
Spend time at your table/in your studio organizing. We forget all the cool stuff we have! Organizing feels good, too!
Create "nudge cards". One pile has techniques, one pile has colors, and one pile has tools. Pick one from each pile and see what you can create! You can change the piles to whatever you want. Who knows, you might get "faux raku, chartreuse and purple, and extruder". Weeeeeeeeeee!

There are many more ways to be inspired and stay inspired! What else can you think of??????

Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and share your ideas! 

Denise Fitzsimmons

IPCA, VP of Communications

IPCA2016 Horiz

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