Marina Merkulova (Marina Primavera) lives in Moscow. She prefers femininity in a no-frills style. Marina experiments and likes to combine elements made in different techniques in her jewellery. As a purposeful person, she constantly learns herself and shares her knowledge with other people.

Marina began to sculpt from polymer clay in the summer of 2016. The youngest son, a young artist who offered her to make Pokémon together, introduced her to polymer clay. “Then I thought of a small brooch with roses. It was a gift from my aunt when I was in school. I looked, rotated it in my hands and decided to try creating something similar,” says Marina. Nevertheless, fashioned roses and flowers do not prevail in the work of Marina Primavera (this name was born in February 2017). 

Marina uses FIMO polymer clay, sometimes Premo and Sculpey. Most of the works used the Mokume Gane technique. 

In addition to various techniques, Marina pays great attention to the prints of drawings on polymer clay in her works and experiments a lot in this direction. The drawings are not only black and white but also color, including sometimes Marina frequently uses copies of the works by artist friends and her youngest son. 

Marina pays great attention to the quality of her works, including the rear side. Many could be worn reversed.

“I really want to develop my own style. I welcome everything new and individual in the masters and in each student who comes to me for master classes. I believe that creativity should prevail. This is important and fascinating.”

 Marina was one of the artists participating in the 2020 Global Exhibition

Examples of Marina's Work

Merkulova Scrimshaw   Merkulova StickPin
 Merkulova Swirls  merkulova bamboo
Merkulova chinashard  

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