Polyform has generously extended our quarterly membership award prizes for 2021. The 1st quarter prize was randomly selected from our new and renewing members during that time period.

Meet Amy Goldin, IPCA Member Appreciation winner for the 1st quarter of 2021

Amy’s polymer journey began in 2015 when she started decorating what has now become almost 2,000 eggs. Amy says, “I went from painting to collaging to embellishing with polymer and from there I have not looked back.  For tamy goldinhe first 3 years I was self-taught, then in 2018 I found Clayathon and my head exploded with possibilities.  Since then, I’ve taken classes with many great artists, gone to several retreats, joined a few guilds, tried various techniques, made a LOT of friends, and sold jewelry and covered glass at craft fairs.  Most recently I started making miniatures that I use in dioramas with my pet mice.  In the future I plan to use polymer clay in combination with paper, felt, metal, wood, and found objects.” 

Amy’s book, Flowstones was published by W. W. Norton & Company in February of 2018.  

Find Amy online at these locations: web site www.amooliakin.com , Art IG www.instagram.com/amooliakin and mice IG  www.instagram.com/squeakmemory.  

You can order a copy of Amy’s book here: https://wwnorton.com/books/9781682681244/overview

 AmyG bookcover AmyG bowl 
 AmyG necklace  AmyG nibbles