Polyform has generously extended our quarterly membership award prizes for 2020. The first quarter prize was randomly selected from our new and renewing members during that time period.

Meet Our 2020 First Quarter Winner, Phyllis Cahill

me with pattern leaf necklace smiling square

Phyllis Cahill began working with polymer in November 2015, after working for many years as a graphic designer and children's book illustrator.  Phyllis says: “Polymer captivated me from the beginning.  It's a wonderful, versatile medium, but initially I didn't find it easy to work with.  I did many tests to understand it better and overcome difficulties I was having.”  Phyllis has documented these tests on her blog, PolymerClayJourney.com.  

 After trying different techniques and making an assortment of things from polymer, Phyllis says that she settled on jewelry, eventually combining polymer and metal.  She bought a torch and learned some simple metal smithing, first with copper and then with sterling silver.   Phyllis has developed a few jewelry collections. She draws her inspiration from some of her favorite things: nature, small, vintage patterns, muted colors and watercolor.

Phyllis says, “I’ve always been motivated to sell what I make, so I sell online, at art fairs in Colorado and at a local artists co-op.  Recently, I started selling wholesale to galleries.Polymer has been quite a journey and I look forward to what's to come!” You can find more examples of her work at: PhyllisCahillDesign.com.  

View some of Phyillis’s work:

delft pattern peacock pendant 1.3 square             

watercolor pendant demin lapis for poster