Polyform has generously extended our quarterly membership award prizes for 2019. The first quarter prize was randomly selected from our new and renewing members during that time period.Lyn Tremblay

Meet our 2019 first quarter winner, Lyn Tremblay: Lyn has been working with polymer clay for about 12 years, but she says it took her 2 or 3 years to realize its value. When she began, she had been covering up the polymer, using it as a base to create assemblage pieces, embedding bits of old jewelry and found treasures into the polymer. Eventually, she began to discover the versatility of the polymer on its own. Lyn says that the more polymer clay she exposed, the more she fell in love with it. Lyn adds, "While I have benefited from many of the techniques so willingly shared by members of the polymer clay community over the years, every time I settle into my studio for a play session I look forward to what new discoveries might emerge. My friends laugh when I say I am waiting for the clay to speak to me...and it does! I do enjoy squishing, rubbing and scratching to create more rustic pieces. I will leave canework, sanding and polishing to others.” 

Examples of Lyn's Work

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