About the 2023 Global Exhibit

IPCA members are invited to submit up to three items/images of their work to our 2023 Global Exhibit of Members' Work.

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Asheville's Polymer Clay Artists

Go with Amy as she tours some of the galleries in Asheville, NC, viewing some of the area's polymer clay artists' work!

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Where Does Your Artistic Inspiration Come From

Read about where Denise Fitzsimmons’ artistic inspiration comes from and take a trip down memory lane with her! 

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Suzie Sullivan: Artist in Ireland

Join our IPCA President, Amy, as she interviews IPCA member and artist extraordinaire, Suzie Sullivan. Learn all about Suzie's wandering hills and animals, amazing and delightful studio and gallery offerings, love of music and instruments (and yes, her talents reach far into the pub band scene), polymer clay work, fibre art, sculptural work, and her authored book! 

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Gallery Talk

Join Amy on a Gallery Talk with Ginnie Parish and Diane Kremer! Be with them as they go from their outdoor booths to the gallery at the Museum of Boulder, Co. where they are celebrating "Drawing Parallels: Community Art and Artifacts." You don't want to miss this!

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Japan Polymer Clay Association 一般社団法人日本ポリマークレイ協会

Polymer Clay in Japan 

The Japan Polymer Clay Association (JPCA) was established as a non-profit  organization on October 20, 2016 to promote polymer clay as a craft/hobby and to hopefully, someday, bring together the various different groups working in this medium. 

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Mike Buesseler Autumn Birches 1995Mike Buesseler
Autumn Birches(1995)
Following a very determined and successful campaign by Tonja Lenderman to track down Mike Buesseler's videos and the generosity of Tory Hughes, whose company owns them, the IPCA is very happy to announce a permanent home from where they can be viewed.

Tory made it a condition that there is to be no charge for the videos and Tonja has added a note to each one to that effect. They must also be freely available to all, not just our members, and we are very happy to agree to that. Enjoy watching a polymer master in action! Thank you very much Tonja and Tory.

To view these videos, please visit the IPCA YouTube Channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/IntlPolymerClay


landscape canes vhs metallic clays vhs

Mike Buesseler teaches you how to make beautiful vivid landscapes in polymer clay. You will see how to create land and sky elements in your images, how to achieve good color shading, and how to incorporate clouds, stars, moons, meteors, trees and shadows. For the first time on video you will see his original "jaggy-cut," which produces a subtle, painterly effect and enhances the depth and realism of these landscapes. Mike is well-known for this work, and we are lucky that he is willing to share his techniques and his good spirit with us.

Time: 75 minutes
Year: 1998

Mike Buesseler brings another original approach to polymer clay, this time finding ways to make the light dance with the clay. He acheives striking effects from glassy to lustrous to shimmery to sparkling, and makes magic out of the contrast between light and shade. This tape includes all the information you need to understand and work with polymer clays which have a "metallic" property.

Time: 77 min.
Year: 1999