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Japanese Polymer Clay Association (JPCA) Award

The Japan Polymer Clay Association (JPCA) exhibited its members for the first time for 3 days from Tokyo on October 6 to 8 and in Tokyo in Japan. It is a pleasure to share pictures of prize winners' works with you.


The Virtual Guild for Sellers

Clayers love to ‘travel in packs’.  There is something about the medium that just seems to invite interaction to show and tell, to share, to help, to teach, to stretch artistically, and to network.  We do that face-to-face in guilds, and we do it online through blogs, flickr, forums, and virtual guilds.  For many people, the virtual guild is their key source of information, assistance, exploration, and a way to tap into the wealth of experience available.

Once one has moved into the world of selling their work, there is a whole new list of questions, issues, problems and concerns to be addressed in order to take care of the business side of things.  Here, too, a virtual guild has a role to play.

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