POLYinforMER Continues to Evolve

The POLYinforMER continues to respond to the NPCG’s evolution.
Our new website guarantees faster sharing of much of the information once published in the quarterly newsletter.

On-line resources and commercial publications offer a wide array of projects and techniques for the novice as well as the experienced clayer.

We see the POLYinforMER becoming a source of in depth feature articles about great artists, fabulous workshops, retreats and guild events. We want our articles to inspire and excite you.

Publishing online provides more timely news. New articles will appear on the first Monday and third Monday of the month. The POLYinforMER feature articles will appear on the website and be downloadable in PDF format. Our goal is to print the best of these articles in an annual you can enjoy for years.

If you have a feature article of 1000 words with great photos – please submit it. This new format gives you the space to really explore a topic. Our editors will contact you and provide you with a final PDF version of the article before publication for your approval.

Do you have a great success story about a personal, guild or friend’s project? Have you learned something that is enhancing your enjoyment of polymer? Did you pick up a new book or new CD/DVD or a new tool and want to share—well write up a review and send it to us. We artists are always hungry for business advice. Give a fellow clayer a helping hand. Write up your experience and send it to us. This important information will appear under the heading of Education. These areas will be updated twice a month.

Do you have an idea for an article you want to write or you want someone else to research and write? Pitch us! Send us an email and let’s talk about it. Be a part of the action at the NPCG website!

The details of on-line submission of articles and images can be found on the website in the POLYinforMER section.