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We're No Spring Chickens

 My mother-in-law is rather saucy.  One day she stood with hands on hips and a raised chin, firmly declaring her decades of life experience:  “I’m not a chicken spring anymore, you know!!”  Everyone listening burst into laughter, realizing she meant to say “spring chicken” -- a euphamism for being young and inexperienced.


Polymer clay has enough decades under its own belt to raise a voice alongside my mother-in-law and proclaim it isn't a “spring chicken” either.  Artistic disciplines the world over acknowledge our medium's unique properties, incoirporating polymer clay into everything from sculpture and wall hangings to fine jewelry and miniatures. 

The Incredible Edible Egg
People have long been fascinated and inspired by the humble bird’s egg, using its smooth, ovoid surface as their canvas-in-the-round.  We’ve gathered samples of some amazing artwork in polymer clay that has been created by using the egg as a canvas, and we’ve asked those artists to give us a few thoughts about their pieces.

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Letters to the Editor: Introducing a New Feature

Welcome to the first of many new “Letters to the Editor.” This month, it will be a Letter from the Editor.

My name is Alaina Ackley. and I'm the new Web Content Editor. I'm a business major at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I've been a polymer clay artist for 5 years, now and have a business with my mother, Beth Ackley, called Destined 2 Clay. But enough about me. . . .

With new members elected to the IPCA board, we have many new and exciting ideas planned and I plan to share these ideas, and their progress, with you monthly.

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CLAYING AROUND THE WORLD: Cyprus Polymer Clay Association

aphrodites_rock.jpgMeet the Cyprus Polymer Clay Association (CYPCA)

Cyprus is the Mediterranean's third largest island, attracting over 2.4 million tourists per year. Known as the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, it is also home to the newly founded Cyprus Polymer Clay Association (CYPCA) organization of clayers happily merging modern art with ancient history. 

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Guilds in the News - Part One

sigasl-sinoviz-5.jpgWhat is the definition of a guild?  In medieval times, it referred to an association of merchants or craftsmen.  In later times it evolved more simply into an association of people with similar interests or pursuits, quite often of an artistic nature.

Guilds offer a way for artists to share their work and knowledge, to provide encouragement and support to others with the same interests.  Guilds are most often regional - drawing from the local community and surrounding areas for participants.  But there are also "virtual" guilds; on-line forums or groups that often host a worldwide membership.  Members of virtual guilds may not always have the ability to meet in person, but they provide an environment to learn and share as well, and can be especially beneficial for those in isolated geographies.

In addition to regional and virtual guilds, there are those that are a mix of both.  This first of a series of guild articles will focus on one such guild - the Israeli Polymer Clay Guild.

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What Does "Tribal Jewelry" Really Mean?

© by Chelsea Clarey; all rights reserved

Editor's Note: Polymergence is pleased to share with you this excellent article by Chelsea Clarey, of TangoPig Jewelry Creations. It is reprinted with permission from the on-line magazine Making Jewelry Now. In addition to creating a line of handmade jewelry and a blog, Chelsea teaches word-choice seminars for artists who sell their work on-line.

Using the Terms "Tribal" and "Ethnic" Accurately in Your Jewelry Designs

In addition to being a jewelry artist, I'm an anthropology major, and one of the consequences of taking these classes is that you start seeing things in layers that you never really thought about before.

You should hear me go on and on about material-culture representation in Disney movies!

But lately I've been thinking about jewelry terms, and "tribal jewelry" has caught my attention.

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Rules To Live By

volcano.jpgLike a dormant volcano coming to life, the question of "infringement" versus "inspiration" seems to erupt over and over in the art world.  For over a decade, it has been a topic of POLYInforMER articles* and NPCG conference discussions, and it has appeared over and over on websites, blogs and forums.  There is a balance between honoring artist discoveries and encouraging new development based on those discoveries, and like many in the polymer community recently, NPCG board members have spent hours in discussions trying to define it. 

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Everyday Polymer Heroes

The holidays are traditionally a time of celebration - of family, of faith and of life.  It is a time to count blessings and to be thankful for all of the good in life.  Many people take the opportunity to volunteer during the holidays...whether at local soup kitchens, ringing the Salvation Army bell, or contributing food and gifts to families less fortunate.

The holiday season is past us now, and for many people, the desire to volunteer is also a thing of the past.  But there are others for whom acts of kindness and sacrifice are a daily part of their lives.  Within our own polymer community, there several such shining stars.

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