Summer In The City

How To Keep Your Head And Clay Cool In The Heat

Summer has finally arrived but now – how to keep a cool head and how to work with clay that is way too soft? Here are a few tips and tricks (not all to be taken seriously) that might come in handy.

First of all – keep your clay out of the heat and sun as much as possible. At temperatures around 100°F (38°C) your clay might slowly start curing. It will not become rock hard in a few minutes but don’t leave your clay in the car while you go shopping for other stuff, or if you do put it in a cooling box to shield it from the heat.

A cool working surface is of great help: try marble or granite.  These also help prevent clay from sticking - in fact they are often used as kitchen worktops and you might be able to get some left over pieces even for free.

Gel packs might become your new best friends: put a large one in a towel on your table, put some waxed paper on top and put your blades, roller and clay pieces on that to keep them cool (and stiff).

Curb that motor! Don’t use a motor for your pasta machine; it will just add heat.  Using the handle will also help you to keep your biceps in shape to show off at the beach.  Extra tip – switch your pasta machine from right to left every 2 hours, so you will work out also with your other arm.

Avoid using a cooling fan – it might just blow dust on your clay.  Also avoid putting your clay in the freezer, because when it warms up again it tends to get moist on the surface and that might translate into cracks, moonies or bubbles.

If nothing helps and it’s just too hot to clay – relax, put your feet in a bucket of ice water, get a cold drink or some ice cream and get inspired by these cool summer creations to refresh your mind and muses:

barbiesbest_summerfeet_flipflopsBarbara Handy

"Summer Feet Flip Flops"

i-carolyntillieCarolyn Tillie "I is for Ice Cream." Photograpy:George Post

jrb-sea-scuptures1Jana Roberts Benzon “Sea Sculptures”


kathrin_neumaier_ilex_seaweedKathrin Neumaier “Seaweed”

maolodra_sorbetDDee Wilder

“Sorbet Rings”

ponsawan_sila_watermelon ringPonsawan Sila: “Watermelon Rings”

christi_friesen_splish_splashChristi Friesen:

“Splish Splash”

ravensclaysea-turtle-2Melanie West:

“Sea Turtle”

vokade_seaglassMaria Petkova:

“Sea glass”