Mosaic Artist Honored

laurie_mika.jpgCongratulations to mosaic artist Laurie Mika, who was recently honored for her artwork in a national juried exhibition of contemporary mosaic art. Her mosaic "Tree of Life" received an Award of Merit in the University of Mary Washington DuPont Gallery exhibition titled "Inspired By....Contemporary Mosaics and the Historical Tradition" 

"Tree of Life" was described as " extraordinary use of a material (polymer clay) more typically associated with craft; interesting historical references to devotional panels and icons".

The exhibition catalogue goes on to describe Laurie's work further:  "Laurie Mika's background in painting is evident in these mixed-media works influenced by medieval and Renaissance art. The gilded devotional panels of the past become secular icons imbued with personal narratives. Art and folk traditions referenced in her work derive from her travels and experiences of living abroad. The highly embellished surfaces, including segments of text, form sumptuous tapestries of traditional and modern materials. Like a modern-day alchemist tinkering with the ancient art of mosaics, Mika finds magic in combining disparate elements."

Photo: "Tree of Life" by Laurie Mika