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The Cure

The POLYinformer welcomes letters from members, and we are pleased to post those that educate, inform or otherwise impact the polymer community.  The article below was submitted by Denise Graham, P&P 2007 winner, and we believe you'll enjoy her perspective on polymer clay as an artistic medium.

Julie Picarello, interim Web Content Editor 

From my first encounter with polymer clay in 1997, I was hooked, and this enthusiasm developed into an all-consuming addiction.  Sleep was not even a time of respite from this obsession.  A sketchbook at my bedside positioned to capture the ideas that wandered into my mind.

As my skill in manipulating polymer clay and expressing my creativity in this medium grew, I took the bold step of exhibiting and selling my work.  When customers asked about the construction material often I heard in a disappointing voice, “Oh, you mean that Sculpey stuff my kids use in school?” or “Play Dough for grownups”. Nine years later, despite polymer clay's visibility on television, video, books, and magazines, I often sense a lack of respect for the product as a serious artistic medium.


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