Introducing Claytember: 30 Days of Clay

Patricia Desmazieres (Polychrome) is organizing an international clay event she's calling Claytember. Below (in three languages!) are the details of the event, the prompts, and how to participate.


30 days of creating with polymer clay

Claytember is a challenge based on the principles of Inktober. Inktober was created by the artist Jake Parker in 2009 “as a challenge to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits.” This is exactly what we want to do in Claytember, but with polymer clay.

Like Inktober, we have a list of prompts, in our case 30, for every day of september. The prompts contain an adjective, a color (RGB and Hex Colors Codes available) and a “polymer clay technique”. You can use one or all those elements to create something out of polymer clay. Everything is possible, jewelry, figurines, dishes…your creativity is the limit.

Anyone can do Claytember. You just need some clay!

  • Light Challenge: Only work with the weekend prompts, in red and brown.
  • Beginner Challenge: Only work with the Sunday prompts, in brown.

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