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As we begin, at last, to slowly venture out from our homey cocoons, let’s meet here this month to celebrate the natural world that we can begin to enjoy again more fully.

Please share with us as many images of your work as you would like that are inspired by nature. 

Tell us about them if you wish. We’d like to know what you missed most about being outside during the time you were inside!

How it Works

  • Once a month, let’s gather on the IPCA Members' Only Facebook group for a combo show-and-tell/challenge around a theme we’ve picked for you so we all can see how our members interpret the topic.

  • We invite all members to post the pieces that they have already made, or wish to make, that addresses the theme. (We’ll repost some entries to our Instagram and Pinterest feeds, so be sure to include your website address, instagram or Pinterest account name with your post.)

  • The theme will be posted the first day of the month, and will end the last day of the month, to be replaced the next day with a new one!

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