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As we work to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, separated from each other by social distancing, there’s no doubt that we are all feeling some degree of stress. Priorities and routines have changed, and not everyone is finding solace in their studio. Indeed, it seems more of us are using their ovens for baking bread these days than curing polymer! 

So instead of a challenge this month, let’s change focus..........

Show us a recent polymer piece that you are very, very happy with, and TELL US WHY!

  • What about it makes it your best work of the last 4 months?

  • Does it represent a breakthrough, and if so, what was the lightbulb moment?

  • Was it a happy accident that you took advantage of?

  • Did you try something new, or tweak something old?

Please tell us about your process. Post on the Facebook IPCA Member Only Page the discoveries you made along the way, and include any sketches or studies you might have made. After all, you’ve got 45 minutes till the bread comes out of the oven!

IPCA2016 Horiz

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