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Countdown to TRICKS AND TREATS for our members!

T/3, IPCA’s first Members' only Peer-to-Peer forum is about to launch! A permanent place for our members to share and find Tutorials, Tools and Tips! Every two weeks, we’ll post fresh, curated contributions from fellow members eager to share their techniques, favorite tools or tricks with you. Between posts, we encourage you to follow the comments as the conversations expand, and contribute your own advice or experience! Best of all, the posts will be searchable by keywords so that over time, we’ll have an exclusive, secure, wide-ranging resource at our fingertips, a benefit only IPCA members can access.

When: October 31, 2019

Where: www.theipca.org

What: free tutorials, favorite tools and how we use them, tricks we’ve discovered and want to share.

Why: to enable our members to get to know each other and their work, to learn from and help each other, to directly benefit from the network of international artists that is the IPCA! If you have not yet joined the IPCA or have let your membership lapse, please select the JOIN tab above

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