The Israeli Polymer Clay Guild

By: Mira Krispil


The Israeli Polymer Clay Guild was founded 5 years ago. All of the members of the guild know each other. We have a website where all can come in and write about or upload their artwork and others can then comment.

Every month we have a challenge that the girls take part in and the first prize winner received a gift. Every month we have a workshop that a member of the guild teaches. Sometimes, if there are a lot of members registered, we have more than one workshop!

Every week I make a slide show with their work that I upload to our board. I also advertise on our Facebook page. I send out a newsletter with all the things that happened to the guild in the last week and send messages to the entire guild.

Once a year, we have a big meeting and celebrate the birthday of the guild. We give gifts to the members by the polymer clay importers. We have a very big competition and a swap. In this meeting we have lectures about different subjects, with 5-6 demos.

Twice a year, we invite artists from all over the world and usually we have between 6-8 workshops all over Israel. This year, we already have Laurie Mika in Israel.


We also have a swap at the Hebrew New Year.


In the summer when the children are on vacation, we have polymer clay day for the children. It's called Fimoland. On this day, the children come with their parent (the artists from the Israeli guild) and we make 4-5 polymer clay projects with them.

Every two years, we have the "Desert Wind". During this event, artists come for two days to one of the Israeli kibbutz. We sleep there and have 3 big workshops and between 6-10 demos.


Every time that we find new material that works with polymer clay, I advertis it on our website. If their is a new book published, sometimes I ask the author to write some words to the guild about their new book.


For our holidays, we usually have special challenges and we call for all the artists to upload their artwork to the board with the subject that I choose.

Every day we bless all the members that have birthdays.

From time to time, I write about one of the artists from the guild, one from around the world, or about a new technique or tutorial that one of the artists publish, like in CraftEdu or in Etsy. I post about it on the board.

Every time a member gets published, featured on a blog, a newspaper, or other media, I publish it on the board. If any of the girls take part in a exhibition in Israel or abroad, I publish it on the board.

We have a page on Facebook where we post some of our activities.!/group.php?gid=121690707846001

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