Guild Spotlight: Anglian Polymer Clay Guild (UK)

We are a new group based in East Anglia in the United Kingdom and aiming to provide a place for those interested in using Polymer Clay as an art medium to meet and exchange ideas and techniques.  The group began as a result of inspiration by Sue Heaser from whom many of us first learned Polymer Clay techniques.  We held our first event in June 2012 and our second took place in August 2012.

Our events take place bi-monthly on the third Sunday of the month from 11am to 3pm.  The format of the day is to display work by our members, a small library of books or magazines and provide two demonstrations from which members can use the techniques they have seen to produce and enhance their own work.

At our June event, Sue Heaser provided a wonderful display of Taiwanese work and Kayleigh brought along some lovely polymer clay books for us all to look at.

namebadgesOur first activity was to make name badges; it was fascinating to see the variety that emerged.

Our second activity was to explore uses for the ripple blade and resulted in a fascinating range of colours and canes.

In August we met on a scorchingly hot day so were pleasantly surprised to find that our hall was quite cool and the clay usable!

We were treated to two demos, one of the uses of acrylic inks and foil and the other, methods for making geometric canes. It is so interesting to see how differently people use the results to create their own items, all of which were lovely.

We have grown to 25 members and are looking forward to welcoming more in the future.  As we grow, our intention is to develop links with other groups here in the UK and potentially internationally, eventually offering workshops from leaders in the field to our members.

These events provide a source of inspiration and the friendliness and sharing spirit of the members ensures that everyone receives a warm welcome from beginner to professional.

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