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2017-19 Slate of Officers

It is with great pleasure for the Nomination Committee, to close the nominations and announce the slate of officers for the International Polymer Clay Association (IPCA) Americas, Rest of the World and Executive Boards. Given that there was only one nomination for each position, voting is not necessary, the positions will be ratified by acclamation. Congratulations are in order for the newly elected officers who so willingly stepped up to support the IPCA in these positions. Please know that there are two positions that did not receive nominees and volunteers to support these positions continue to be sought.

Roberts Rule - Establishes that acclamation is the required procedure when there is only one nominee and the bylaws do not require a ballot vote.

Our sincere gratitude and thanks should be given to all the volunteers who give so much of their time to help the efforts of the IPCA become reality.

Sincerely the IPCA Nominating Committee:
Katrina Sarlin
Joan Ahern
Karen Price
Judy Haupin
Corliss Rose
Alison Gallant

Executive Board

Click Here to Download the Completed Nominee Questionnaires for the Executive Board

Executive President: Barbara Forbes-Lyons

Vice President for Education: Kathryn Corbin

Treasurer: Joan Ahern

Secretary: Maureen Tees

Vice President for Membership and Social Media: Rashi Veddy Verma

Vice President for Publication: Corliss Rose

Vice President for the Website and Social Media: Ann Duncan Hlavach

Regional Board: Americas

Click Here to Download the Completed Nominee Questionnaires for the Americas Board

Regional Board President (Americas): Sherman Oberson

Regional Board Vice President - Education (Americas): Brenda Urquhart

Regional Board Treasurer (Americas): OPEN

Regional Board Secretary (Americas): Randee Ketzel

Regional Board Vice President - Membership and Social Media (Americas): Jan Montarsi

Regional Board Vice President - Newsletter and Social Media (Americas): OPEN

Regional Board Vice President - Guild and Group Liaison (Americas): syndee holt

Regional Board: Rest of the World

Click Here to Download the Completed Nominee Questionnaires for the Rest of the World Board

Regional Board President (Rest of the World): Maria Alexandrou

Regional Board Vice President: Education (Rest of the World): Ana Belchí

Regional Board Secretary (Rest of the World): Gabrielia Simigdala

Regional Board Vice President: Membership and Social Media (Rest of the World): Maria Nicolau

Regional Board Vice President: Newsletter and Social Media (Rest of the World): Karen Price

Regional Board Vice President: Guild and Group Liaison (Rest of the World): Lizzi Bucklow-Holt

Regional Board Treasurer (Rest of the World): Alex Hernandez


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