Submissions to the POLYinforMER

The POLYinforMER newsletter Feature articles:

  • Interviews with artists – 1000 words and pictures
  • Guild event coverage – 1000 words and pictures

Education articles will be published on the website in the POLYinforMER section.

Subjects include but are not limited to:

  • Success stories by artists concerning a project
  • Special recognition of an artist or group
  • Reviews of new books and CD/DVDs
  • Reviews of new tools or products
  • Business topics

Guidelines for Article Submission

  • Write your article in a word processing program.
  • Be sure to include your contact information.
  • Be accurate with names, places, email addresses.
  • If you quote someone in your article, be sure to get their permission to use the quote.
  • Attach your article to an email to the editor.
  • Images for an article should be sent separately – 1 at a time referencing the article in the subject line.

Guidelines for Images

The POLYinforMERneeds 300 dpi photos and graphics. Please email the editor your images as jpegs -- .jpg

Digital Camera Guidelines:

  1. Set the camera for the highest resolution and best quality jpeg pictures. (If you have a digital slr and prefer to take the picture in tiff, raw or your manufacturer’s raw equivalent, use your photo software to resample and save to a 300 dpi medium high resolution jpg.)
  2. Fill the frame with the object, make sure it is in focus, keep the camera still, and take the picture.
  3. Download your picture to your computer and email “as is.” Don’t use photo software to alter the size of the file before emailing.

Film Camera or Slides:

  1. Use asa/iso 100 or lower film.
  2. Fill the frame with the object, make sure it is in focus, keep the camera still, and take the picture.
  3. When developing -- pick the cd option. Then email the photo as stored on the cd.
  4. Otherwise, scan (or have scanned) as follows:
    • Scan the photo at 300 dpi and set the image size to result in output of no more than 4” for the largest dimension.
    • Save the scan as a .jpg. If prompted for quality, set at 8 (medium high).
If you have any questions about how to submit your images, please contact the editor .

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