How to Register for the IPCA Global Exhibition

Registration Opens 15 November 2021

In response to the many questions we receive during the registration period, we prepared some detailed instructions to help members quickly and correctly register for the Exhibition. You can reference the instructions below or download the instructions as a file: pdfIPCAExhibitionRegistrationTutorial.pdf2.66 MB

Georg Dinkel kindly prepared a video that explains the image resizing process in simple terms, with instructions. Scroll down to view the video.



 Image Processing Information from Georg Dinkel

The links below are mentioned in the video and were mentioned in the Sunday Zoom on November 14.

Have Questions?

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  • Kathryn Corbin, VP Program Development

  • Ann Duncan Hlavach, VP Communications

  • Donna Barratta

  • Marlene Gremillion

  • Laura LePere


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