Frequently Asked Questions

2019-21 Officer Descriptions


The Board of Directors shall have the following elected officers:

The Immediate Past President, together with the above officers, constitute the Board of Directors of the Association.

In addition to general duties prescribed by these Bylaws, particular Officers shall have these specific rights and duties:


Provides leadership and vision to promote membership and to further the IPCA’s standing in the worldwide polymer clay community.

Sees that the responsibilities of the Association, as described in the Bylaws, are carried out in a timely and creditable manner.

In consultation with the Board members, draws up guidelines and a code of conduct to which all Board should adhere.

Nominates chairs for standing committees and serves as ex-officio member of all committees.

Liaises with and guides Board members and direct-reporting committee chairs and helps solve problems that arise.

Reports to IPCA Membership via a letter in the official IPCA publication(s). Represents Association leadership at IPCA events.

Represents the IPCA at other International arts organizations’ events. Attendance may be delegated to another Board member or a Regional Vice President.

Sets dates and times of Board meetings and compiles agenda.

Conducts Board meetings according to IPCA Bylaws.

Currently meetings are held by conference call, but video conferencing may be used at times.

Conducts Board business via e-mail between meetings.

Reviews draft budget provided by Treasurer.

Solicits reports from Board officers and committee chairs.

Responds to IPCA related e-mails on a daily basis.

May approve bills for payment and may authorize individual expenditures not already in the budget for up to $200.

Regional Vice Presidents (Americas and Rest of the World)

Provide leadership and vision to regional representatives, associations, and guilds to promote membership and to further the IPCA’s standing in the regional polymer clay community.

Form and head one or more committees to assist with the duties of the Regional Vice President. Committees should consist of regional representatives or other volunteers.

Maintain and share up to date contact information for local guild/group leaders and ensure that the Active Guilds listing on the IPCA website is kept current.

Serve as the contact person for IPCA members and others seeking information on joining or forming a guild/group.

Assist newly formed guilds/groups in the areas of membership, marketing, insurance and publicity.

Find, maintain, and increase the number of local representatives.

Communicate directly with the regional representatives, sharing IPCA news and information as approved by the Board.

On a monthly basis, solicit reports, articles, or other content items from regional representatives, associations, and guilds.

Shares information gathered from the regional representative, associations, and guilds with the Vice President for Communication and their committee.

Provide a concise, written report to the IPCA Board each month.

Serves as members of the Education Committee, working closely with the Vice President for Education to develop and implement the Association’s education strategies and programs.

Represent the IPCA at regional events.

Respond to IPCA related emails on a daily basis.

Vice President for Education

Assists the President in accomplishing their duties. Assumes the President’s responsibilities in their absence.

The Vice President for Education is responsible for overseeing existing, and developing new, programs or projects of an educational nature created by or for the members of the IPCA for the exclusive use of its members in good standing. This includes any educational material presented at IPCA events, its website or publications.

To accomplish these tasks, the Vice President for Education shall work in partnership with all other Vice Presidents, primarily the Regional Vice Presidents but also, in conjunction with certain events or as needed, the Vice Presidents of Communication and Membership, and the President.

In consultation with the Board and Regional Vice Presidents promotes public awareness of polymer clay as a fine art and craft medium. Works with outside publications, museums and galleries to educate the public about polymer clay.

Provides content to the IPCA website and digital publications as necessary.

Recruits members and artists to provide content for the IPCA Member forums, according to the forum topic. These might be study materials, design exercises or resources, tips, technical or project-based tutorials, or other content deemed appropriate.

The Vice President for Education may also request or seek additional support either directly or via the Board if special circumstances require it.

Coordinates with President and Treasurer in the initial planning of IPCA events.


Must be a US resident.

Works with the Board to ensure that the organization is operating within the fiscal regulations established by the IPCA and local fiscal laws. Establishes best IPCA fiscal practices. When requested, assists during Event registration periods or Events.

Establishes policies and structure to ensure the safekeeping of the IPCA's financial resources, within the framework of GASB non-profit accounting.

Advises the Board and Event Committees regarding with IRS and GASB regulations related to Non-Profits, conferring with the Association’s auditors or the IRS or local regulators when necessary

Is authorized to negotiate and execute banking agreements and banking relationships, including obtaining a debit/credit card for normal monthly charges.

Establishes system of fund flow within the IPCA to support approved programs.

Receives checks, cash, and money orders payable to IPCA; enters monies received into the bookkeeping records and deposits funds into IPCA account. Maintains PDF copies of checks in financial historical data bank. This includes detailed daily revenue breakout from Paypal spread sheets. Prepares consolidated monthly, quarterly and annual reports for the IPCA.

Pays vendors and reimburses IPCA officers and committee chairs for approved expenditures.

Maintains detailed accounting records in QuickBooks Pro for Non-profits software (by Intuit) supplied by IPCA with supporting documents in PDF format in historical financial data bank.

Monitors spending to help ensure that funds are being spent according to approved budget. Assists Officers and committee chairs in establishing their annual budgets.

Prepares monthly reports of revenues and expenditures for the Board.

Prepares necessary files to be forwarded to the independent accountant who does the yearly IPCA audit, prepares IRS form 990 (February) from Quickbooks for auditor review, and completes on-line annual Virginia Corporate Annual Report filing (March), and annually pays Virginia Annual Fee (January).

Is authorized to negotiate and execute liability Insurance for the Board (annually). Maintains relationship with the Association’s Registered Business Agent.

Participates in regular meetings of Board (usually by conference call) and makes reports as requested (schedule to be determined, no less than quarterly)

Participates in monthly meetings of Event Committees (usually by conference call) as requested, acting as a financial/regulatory sounding board and providing historical financial data of previous events.

Maintains historical financial data bank in pdf and spreadsheet formats.

The Treasurer should be ready to act as a resource to Officers and committee Chairs, offering guidance, advice and assistance when requested.


Maintains copies of IPCA Bylaws Board Minutes and Board roster in electronic format, including a backup.

Participates in board meetings and decision making conducted by phone, electronic media, including video conferencing and in person.

Takes Minutes at monthly Board meetings.

Takes steps to ensure that parliamentary procedure is followed. Refer to Article XII.

Sends draft Minutes to President for approval and subsequent distribution to Board Members.

Helps monitor status of Board business conducted by e-mail to ensure that ongoing business is completed, and members are kept aware of votes in progress and required actions.

Reports business conducted by e-mail in standard Minutes format.

Proofreads outgoing communication, including but not limited to: digital magazines, digital newsletters, advertisements and promotions.

Serves as a member of the Communications committee.

Ensures that graphic work for advertising, publications, etc. is using the correct IPCA branding.

Helps prepare the websites and PR materials for IPCA conferences, retreats and juried competitions.

Vice President for Membership

Prepares a monthly membership report for the Board from information available in the IPCA database.

Liaises with Regional Vice Presidents to define ways to increase the awareness of the IPCA and promote membership.

Keeps newsletter lists up to date, including researching bounced addresses. This includes keeping the IPCA database and MailChimp lists in synch.

Conducts the Membership Appreciation Program drawings.

  • Notifies the winning member
  • Notifies the organization or person providing the prize
  • Writes an article for the IPCA website about the winner for the previous quarter, including images of the member’s work and other details as deemed interesting.
Supervises the IPCA Facebook pages and groups with special focus on the Members Only group or the IPCA Member Community forums on the IPCA website.

Leads a team of community administrators and moderators from all regions, giving advice on netiquette and how to upload photos and create albums etc.

Manages the Member Benefits program.

  • Actively seeks out discounts, special programs, etc. for the program
  • Solicits input from members on the program
  • Insures that any coupon codes, etc. are kept current and removed or replaced as needed.
  • Coordinates dissemination of member benefits information with the Vice President for Communications
  • Ensures that the Membership Welcome and Renewal letters are kept up to date with accurate member benefit information.
Helps to raise interest in joining the IPCA by posting ‘teasers’ on the main IPCA Facebook page, and on other areas of social media where potential members may be found.

Vice President for Communications

Has editorial control over the digital magazine and digital newsletters.

Coordinates article subjects for each issue, organizes sections, gathers information, composes articles or provides editorial services for the articles that have been submitted.

Accepts content and information from Regional Vice Presidents and their representatives.

Determines what information goes into IPCA publications, social media, or on the IPCA website.

Coordinates advertising sales for bimonthly digital magazine and newsletters.

Maintains up to date information on the website and works with a committee of volunteers to make frequent updates to the website to expand content.

Works closely with the Secretary, Vice President for Membership, and the Regional Vice Presidents to ensure that interesting and important information is communicated to all members using the website, newsletter and/or IPCA social media tools.

Supervises the volunteer(s) assigned to manage the IPCA Pinterest boards, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and creates links between all social media.

Creates PR material for members to download.

Prepares a concise report to be presented at the IPCA Board meeting.

Serves as a committee member at the request of the supervising Vice President.