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Frequently Asked Questions

2017-19 IPCA Board

Please extend your welcome to the new and returning IPCA Officers. Their term begins April 1, 2017 and ends March 31, 2019.

Executive Board

  • Executive President: Barbara Forbes-Lyons
  • Vice President for Education: Kathryn Corbin
  • Treasurer: Joan Ahern
  • Secretary: Maureen Tees
  • Vice President for Membership and Social Media: OPEN
  • Vice President for Publication: OPEN
  • Vice President for the Website and Social Media: Ann Duncan Hlavach
  • Immediate Past President: Alison Gallant (Term ends April 1, 2018)

Regional Board: Americas

  • Regional Board President (Americas): Sherman Oberson
  • Regional Board Vice President - Education (Americas): Claire Maunsell
  • Regional Board Treasurer (Americas): OPEN
  • Regional Board Secretary (Americas): OPEN
  • Regional Board Vice President - Membership and Social Media (Americas): Beth Miller Petricoin
  • Regional Board Vice President - Newsletter and Social Media (Americas): OPEN
  • Regional Board Vice President - Guild and Group Liaison (Americas): syndee holt

Regional Board: Rest of the World

  • Regional Board President (Rest of the World): Maria Alexandrou
  • Regional Board Vice President: Education (Rest of the World): Ana Belchí
  • Regional Board Secretary (Rest of the World): Gabriela Simigdala
  • Regional Board Vice President: Membership and Social Media (Rest of the World): Maria Nicolau
  • Regional Board Vice President: Newsletter and Social Media (Rest of the World): Karen Price
  • Regional Board Vice President: Guild and Group Liaison (Rest of the World): Fiona Abel-Smith
  • Regional Board Treasurer (Rest of the World): Alex Hernandez