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Frequently Asked Questions

IPCA Executive Board Position Descriptions


  • Provides leadership and vision to promote membership and to further the IPCA’s standing in the worldwide polymer clay community.
  • Sees that the responsibilities of the Association, as described in the Bylaws, are carried out in a timely and creditable manner.
  • In consultation with the Executive Board members, draws up guidelines and a code of conduct for Regional Boards to adhere to.
  • Nominates chairs for standing committees and serves as ex-officio member of all committees.
  • Liaises with and guides Regional Presidents, Executive Board members, and committee chairs and helps solve problems that arise.
  • Reports to IPCA Membership via bi-monthly letter in the IPCA Publication.
  • Represents Association leadership at IPCA events.
  • Represents the IPCA at other International arts organisations’ events. Attendance may be delegated to another Executive Board member or a Regional President.
  • Sets dates and times of Executive Board meetings and compiles agenda.
  • Conducts Executive Board meetings per IPCA Bylaws. Currently meetings are held by conference call but video conferencing may be used at times.
  • Conducts Executive Board business via e-mail between meetings.
  • Reviews draft budget provided by Executive Treasurer.
  • Solicits reports from Executive Board officers, Regional Presidents and committee chairs.
  • Responds to IPCA related e-mails daily.
  • Skills and equipment required: personal computer, word processing software and daily e- mail access. Other computer capabilities are helpful. Approximate time requirement: 15 hours per week, 60 hours per month.

Vice President for Education

  • Assists the Executive President in accomplishing their duties. Assumes the Executive President’s responsibilities in their absence.
  • In consultation with the Executive Board and Regional VPs for Education promotes public awareness of polymer clay as a fine art and craft medium. Works with outside publications, museums and galleries to educate the public about polymer clay.
  • Develops an educational programme for polymer clay, suiting all levels of ability, in consultation with the Regional VPs for Education.
  • Co-ordinates with Regional VPs for Education in the initial planning of IPCA events.
  • Coordinates with the Executive VP for the Website and Social Media to assist Regional VPs for Education in the preparation of graphic work for advertising, ensuring that correct IPCA branding is used
  • Skills and equipment required: Must know how to create a Word document and an Excel spreadsheet. Volunteer will supply their own hardware, software and internet access. Other helpful skills include knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or similar photo formatting software and a background in WordPress web programming. Approximate time requirement: 8 hours per week, 32 hours per month.


  • Must be a US resident.
  • Works with the Regional Treasurers to ensure that all three organizations are operating within the fiscal regulations established by the Executive IPCA and local fiscal laws. Establishes best IPCA fiscal practices. When requested, assists the Regional Treasurers during Event registration periods or Events.
  • Establishes policies and structure to ensure the safekeeping of the IPCA's financial resources, within the framework of GASB non-profit accounting.
  • Advises Executive and Regional Boards and Event Committees regarding with IRS and GASB regulations related to Non-Profits, conferring with the Association’s auditors or the IRS or local regulators when necessary
  • Enters banking agreements and relationships, including obtaining a debit/credit card for normal monthly charges.
  • Establishes system of fund flow within the IPCA to support approved programs. Reviews the revenue reports of the regional organizations to ensure that appropriate funds are being forwarded to the Executive Board.
  • Receives checks, cash, and money orders payable to IPCA; enters monies received into the bookkeeping records and deposits funds into IPCA account. Maintains PDF copies of checks in financial historical data bank. This includes detailed daily revenue breakout from Paypal spread sheets. Prepares Consolidated monthly, quarterly and annual reports for the IPCA.
  • Pays vendors and reimburses IPCA officers and committee chairs for approved expenditures at the Executive level.
  • Maintains detailed accounting records in QuickBooks Pro for Non-profits software (by Intuit) supplied by IPCA with supporting documents in PDF format in historical financial data bank.
  • Monitors spending to help ensure that funds are being spent according to approved budget. Assists the Regional Boards in establishing their annual budgets.
  • Prepares monthly reports of revenues and expenditures for the Executive Board, including a review of the monthly reimbursement from the Regional Boards for their shares of revenue received during the previous month.
  • Prepares necessary files to be forwarded to the independent accountant who does the yearly IPCA audit, prepares IRS form 990 (February) from Quickbooks for auditor review, and completes on-line annual Virginia Corporate Annual Report filing (March), and annually pays Virginia Annual Fee (January).
  • Obtains Association Liability Insurance for the Executive Board (annually).
  • Maintains relationship with the Association’s Registered Business Agent.
  • Participates in regular meetings of Executive Board (usually by conference call) and makes reports as requested (schedule to be determined, no less than quarterly)
  • Participates in monthly meetings of Retreat and Conference Committees (usually by conference call) as requested, acting as a financial/regulatory sounding board and providing historical financial data of previous events.
  • Maintains historical financial data bank in pdf and spreadsheet formats.
  • Skills and equipment required: knowledge of non-profit bookkeeping procedures; home computer capable of running the QuickBooks Pro for Non-Profits 2013 accounting software; word-processing and spreadsheet software and knowledge; knowledge of Paypal billing system; daily secure access to e-mail and Paypal (except when traveling) Approximate time requirement: 6 hours/week (24 hours/month) during non-event months; 9-12 hours/week during heavy event registration periods.
  • The Executive Treasurer should be ready to act as a resource to the Regional Treasurers, offering guidance, advice and assistance when requested. The ET can be used as a sounding board for the RTs.


  • Maintains copies of IPCA Bylaws Executive Board Minutes and Board roster in both electronic and hard-copy formats.
  • Participates in Executive board meetings and decision making conducted by phone, electronic media, including video conferencing and in person.
  • Takes Minutes at monthly Executive Board meetings.
  • Sends draft Minutes to Executive President for approval and subsequent distribution to Executive Board Members.
  • Helps monitor status of Executive Board business conducted by e-mail to ensure that ongoing business is completed and members are kept aware of votes in progress and required actions. Reports business conducted by e-mail in standard Minutes format.
  • Receives Regional Board’s monthly meeting Minutes and distributes them to Executive Board.
  • Skills and equipment required: personal computer, word processing software, daily access to e-mail. Knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order (robertsrules.org) or willingness to learn is essential. Estimated time 5 hours per week, 20 hours per month.

Vice President for Membership and Social Media

  • Prepares a monthly membership report for the Executive Board from information supplied by the Regional VPs for Membership.
  • Liaises with Regional VPs for Membership to define ways to increase the awareness of the IPCA and promote membership.
  • Conducts the Membership Appreciation Programme drawings.
  • Supervises the IPCA Facebook pages and groups with special focus on the Members Only page.
  • Leads a team of Facebook administrators and moderators from all Boards’ regions, giving advice on netiquette and how to upload photos and create albums etc.
  • Creates and implements ‘Member Benefits’.
  • Helps to raise interest in joining the IPCA by posting ‘teasers’ on the main IPCA Facebook page.
  • Skills and equipment required: personal computer, word processing and database management skills, or willingness to learn, daily e-mail access, knowledge of Facebook and experience of managing FB groups. Volunteer provides hardware and internet access. IPCA supplies Access and Excel software. Experience with Access is preferred, but training will be provided as needed. Approximate time requirement, 10 hours per week, 40 hours per month.

Vice President Publication

  • This position offers mentorship with the current IPCA publication editor.
  • Gathers and compiles information from Regional Board Newsletter and Social Media VPs.
  • Coordinates article subjects for each issue, organises sections, gathers information, composes and publishes newsletter.
  • Keeps distribution lists up to date, including researching bounced addresses.
  • Compiles monthly reports from statistics received from Regional VPs, Publication issue and Constant Contact.
  • Handles advertising for the quarterly online publication.
  • Skills required: e-mail access is essential via own personal computer, must have a scanner, familiarity with image editing software and publication software i.e. Constant Contact etc. is helpful.
  • Time estimated 10-12 hours per week.

Vice President for the Website and Social Media

  • Maintains up to date information on the website and works with a team (to be recruited) to make it easier to navigate and expand content.
  • Creates and posts information supplied by each Regional Board regarding events, plans and news on their dedicated pages.
  • Works closely with Executive Board Newsletter Editor and VP for Membership and Social Media to ensure that interesting and important information is communicated to all members using the website, newsletter and all IPCA social media tools.
  • Organises the IPCA Flickr site as a picture database
  • Organises the IPCA Pinterest Boards and creates links between all social media.
  • Helps prepare the websites and PR materials for IPCA conferences, retreats and juried competitions.
  • Consults with the Executive VP for Education to assist the Regional VPs for Education in the preparation of graphic work for advertising, ensuring that the correct IPCA branding   is used.
  • Creates PR material for members to download.
  • Skills and equipment required: A personal computer for daily access to e-mail and a scanner to prepare articles and artwork, Must be able to receive articles and artwork from Mac computers as well as PCs, familiarity with and ownership of publishing and photo editing software is helpful, photography, graphic design skills and publication experience helpful.
  • Approximate time requirement 10 hours per week, 40 hours per month.

Regional Presidents

Each Regional President presents a monthly report of events to the Executive Board during their monthly meeting.

Past President

Invited by the Executive President to serve in an advisory capacity. (Non-voting member).