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Guild Spotlight

Chicago Area Polymer Clay Guild

The Chicago Area Polymer Clay Guild just had Christi Friesen over for a weekend of 4 wonderful workshops (Dragons, Blooms, Pegasus and Stained Glass). We all gathered at Art Clay World in Oak Lawn on March 3rd and 4th. The facility was a total score. They carried a lovely array of stuff I didn't even know I needed. They had ovens so we left with cured treasures.

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The Kansas City Polymer Clay Guild

KCPCG (as we lovingly refer to ourselves) was started in the early 2000s by a group of polymer clay lovers following a Klew workshop they attended together. We usually meet the second Tuesday of each month, with quarterly Saturday "Clay Play Days," which give us time for more in-depth work on a technique. A monthly additional "free play Saturday" provides side-by-side learning for anyone who wants help or just someone to "clay" with. We learn from one another, experiment and play with various techniques and new products and have a great time doing so! The Kansas City Polymer Clay Guild provides camaraderie, professional growth, friendships, social outlet and learning to artists from the Kansas City metro area.

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The Philippine Polymer Clay Guild

We recently formed the first and only polymer clay guild in the Philippines, formally called The Philippine Polymer Clay Guild, informally known as P3 (Polymer People Philippines). We are composed of a select group of local artists who share the same passion, vision, and principles.

Our guild's goals:

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Central Illinois Polymer Clay Guild

This month's Guild Spotlight is on the local guild of one of our board members, Cat Therien. She started the CIPCG in 2003 to provide an opportunity for her students and other polymer clay enthusiasts from the local area to get together and share their art with one another. They currently meet monthly at the Hobby Lobby classroom in Peoria, Illinois.

Called "Clay Days," the meetings open with a 2-hour paid class taught by the current president, Pam Miller. The class is optional, though most members do attend. The class then rolls into the guild meeting, which is very casual and unstructured. Guild meetings are free and open to the public. Even curious shoppers who stick their heads into the classroom are invited to come in and see what the group is doing.

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The Israeli Polymer Clay Guild

By: Mira Krispil


The Israeli Polymer Clay Guild was founded 5 years ago. All of the members of the guild know each other. We have a website where all can come in and write about or upload their artwork and others can then comment.

Every month we have a challenge that the girls take part in and the first prize winner received a gift. Every month we have a workshop that a member of the guild teaches. Sometimes, if there are a lot of members registered, we have more than one workshop!

Every week I make a slide show with their work that I upload to our board. I also advertise on our Facebook page. I send out a newsletter with all the things that happened to the guild in the last week and send messages to the entire guild.

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