Louisville, Kentucky
United States

About the Artist: Maude Mccarthy

Maude resides in Louisville KY with her pooch, Emma. We share a little hobbit home we have surrounded with flowers...nary one blade of grass! While it was my parents who taught me to enjoy what I do and do it well; it is Emma who insists that I leave the "clay factory" and walk and play with her every day!



Exhibition Images

Peeking Into My Garden 1

Peeking Into My Garden 1

To be carried every day, this purse holds all the necessities, while lightweight and extremely durable. While talking about my gardens in Louisville with my three year old granddaughter, I pictured an insect's view. Just had to try to make it! My purse would not be possible without the class at Creative Journey Studio in GA with the remarkable Kathleen Dustin. Materials: Polymer clay and liquid polymer clay for purse body, brass hinge with brass screws, leather strap, rare earth magnet closure. Dimensions: 7" wide, 3" deep, 4.5" tall

2021 MMcCarthy 1b

2021 MMcCarthy 1c

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