Bettina Welker

Bettina is a German graphic designer who has also worked as a jewelry designer and polymer clay artist since 2003. She is a co-founder of the German polymer clay group and works as executive director and spokesperson for international liaisons for the group. Bettina  was asked a few questions about this class and here is what she had to say….

Hinged Bracelet

Why did you choose to teach this class?

There are many beginner’s and intermediate level classes out there, most of them technique oriented. There is not much really new left to develop or teach – technique-wise, that is. So I wanted to develop a really advanced project class for some time now. I learned that many students prefer project classes over techniques because they go home with a finished piece of jewelry, which they can proudly wear and show off;) Knowing that bracelets are very en vogue these days, this class seemed to be a perfect fit.

What do you expect the students to get from this class?

I’m thinking that this class will give my students a hint of how to work as exact and neatly as possible to achieve a perfectly shaped and finished piece of jewelry. This elaborate kind of bracelet will only work and stand out if it’s built with accurateness.

If you could share one thing about your journey as an artist what would it be?

I’m really thankful for the support and encouragement the PC community gave me from the first day I worked with polymer clay. Without this ongoing support I’d probably never have taken the leap into being a polymer artist and especially into teaching.
Teaching is very rewarding for me – nothing compares to the thankfulness of happy and satisfied students:)

For clay newcomers, what would be your best advice?

Keep your eyes wide open. Inspiration is everywhere. And of course: Try everything, check out techniques, experiment with the medium, take classes (live, online or from books/DVDs) and practice as much as you can to find your voice with this fabulous art medium.

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