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Date: Monday, July 11, 2011 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Ronna is teaching two different classes at the IPCA retreat pre-classes. She is teaching Pod Necklace and Go Organic with Polymer Clay . She was asked a few questions about the classes and here is what she had to say….

Pod Necklace

Why did you choose to teach this class?

Students get to learn so many techniques when they learn these simple pods, and they also get an opportunity to make a project that they will (probably) finish in class. Plus, of course, they’re fun to wear — as pendants, as brooches, reduced into tiny earrings … and more.

What do you expect the students to get from this class?

Students will learn about texture and color, about how to combine texture and color, how to work in multiple layers, design considerations around “physics” as well as the aesthetics. They will also get inspiration in the whole idea-to-design-to-construction process.

If you could share one thing about your journey as an artist what would it be?

Every mistake and misshapen piece of yuck that you design is part of the process of achieving art. Each step informs the next in your journey.

For clay newcomers, what would be your best advice?

Play around! Polymer clay is so affordable, you can give yourself freedom to experiment and goof around.

Go Organic with Polymer Clay

Why did you choose to teach this class?

I love organic jewelry! The only thing more fun than making it is teaching others how to do it too.

What do you expect the students to get from this class?

I’ve found that students are often hungry to make the leap from following instructions for specific projects to finding their own voice in polymer clay, but they don’t have the confidence to move forward on their own. By combining lots of instruction in specific techniques with guidance about how to then take those techniques to new places, students are able to empowered and liberated.

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