Date: Saturday, March 31, 2012 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Categories: US SOUTH *
Contact info Creative Journey Studios, Buford GA (near Atlanta) Registration: 404-314-5767

We will stack thin layers of different colors of “metallic” Premo clay to form a block (or billet) which we will “distort” with impression stamps we will make ourselves. The block will be sliced with a special slicer to produce gorgeous, silk-like paper-thin sheets of patterned clay. ExamplesThese unique patterned sheets drape like fabric and can be used to cover or embellish objects such as beads, pendants, and decorative items. In class you will have the option of making a leaf brooch or a pendant. The item will be fired, then lightly sanded and hand buffed to accentuate the pattern. If time permits, you will have the option of machine-buffing your creation to a brilliant, glass-like shine. You will return home with additional patterned sheets to experiment with on your own.