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Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 8:00 am - Wednesday, September 19, 2012 9:00 am
Categories: General
Contact info Ronna Weltman

Join Ronna in this adventure in creativity. We will create art using a variety of mediums and techniques. You may want to create art jewelry, you may want to create small vessels or containers, you may want to create and write in a handcrafted journal … or do all of the above. This will be a week of creating and collaboration in which we take our art seriously while never, ever taking ourselves too seriously. Design principals will also be explored, since a better understanding of design makes our art better.

Since our cook, Nese, is a magical, nurturing sprite whose gifts are too profound not to be shared, and food is part of the pleasure of La Cascade, we will also have a couple cooking lessons from her. I don’t know how Nese manages to feed us so abundantly and deliciously and yet we don’t gain a pound, but I look forward to capturing some of that magic to bring back home.

We will also have field trips to local impossibly charming places. Why go to the South of France and not indulge yourself in the magic of the South of France?

For those who feel that the only thing as much fun as creating is shopping for cool things to use creatively, please join me on the optional “Pre-La Cascade Gala Paris Shopping Trip.” We will spend a few days in Paris, going into little out-of-the-way shops to buy this and that ribbon or bead or found object to use as we create our little treasures, and then we will all make our way together to the charming, magical world of La Cascade.