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About the Association

The International Polymer Clay Association (IPCA) is a non-profit organization. The IPCA's objectives are to educate the public about polymer clay, and to study and promote an interest in the use of polymer clay as an artistic medium.

What is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is a manmade material that remains pliable for long periods, but bakes or "cures" in your home oven at a fairly low temperature; though hard, thin sheets are often flexible. You can sculpt it, carve it, stamp it, texture it, sand it, buff it, paint it, and build with it to create sculpture, accessories, figurines, dolls, or jewelry, or use it to embellish other surfaces.

You can use polymer clay to make mosaics, plaques, wall hangings, furniture, and other decorations. In recent years, polymer clay has developed from a child's plaything into an artistic medium, yet its delightful playfulness has not been lost.

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