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  • Nikolina Otržan
    Nikolina Otržan

    Nikolina Otržan

    To boldly go where no cats have gone before... - collection

    It's 2350 and cats decided it was a high time they started exploring the Universe themselves. They'd built their first Cruiser and off they went. Their first colony was in the Alpha quadrant. They wanted to keep close to Federation since they'd heard that they are creatures out there even scarier than humans, so they figured out it's better to stick to already known enemies.

    And, of course, they wanted to get their hands on Federation's replicators, so they never had to worry about having enough food again. Next ship they built was a Napper. Napper's never gotten a replicator, but it had a huge supplies of catnip. By the way, catnip was a ticket if you wanted to visit those cats, they would never receive anybody without it. Once dog delegation came knocking without catnip. Cats let them in, took them hostages and made their relatives build them a brand new docking station. :) Then they built the Explorer. It's not that they really needed it, but some older cats were getting really fed up with those kittens constantly running around, so that was the perfect way to get rid of them. For a while, at least. And when they thought they can finally enjoy some peace and quiet, the Borg came. So they needed another ship… and another…“

    All those pieces were made only out of polymer clay and they are completely hollow. Napper is also a brooch and Cruiser is a pendant. Cruiser has a little round about inside, so the cord is fed around it. Defender also has 2 round abouts, so basically it could be transformed into a pendant. Size wise, Cruiser measures 8x5 cm, Napper 9,5x3 cm, Explorer 11x2 cm, Defender 16x3 cm and the Docking station is 11x5x10.

  • Fiona Abel-Smith
    Fiona Abel-Smith

    Fiona Abel-Smith

    One small giant leap

    Dreams of flight aren’t restricted to man, and preparing to take that first step into the unknown has called to many a soul. In this case, tales of wondrous dragons inspire a humble lizard to take to the skies. He builds a hang glider from twigs, leaves and petals ready to launch into the air, to boldly go where dragons went before. The top of the glider is covered in leaves, the bottom made up with a colourful array of petals, he clings on tight to the frame and takes that one small step. Made completely from Polymer Clay on a wired frame with a small hidden brick base for ballast, the whole piece is precariously balanced on one point, as the lizard takes that final step. The weight of the hang glider needed to be kept to a minimum in order to maintain the balance, but the overall feeling of launching off the stones was paramount.

    The piece is 13 x 11.5 x 12 inches, (33 x 29 x 30cm).