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IPCA Forum Information and Rules of the Road

About the Peer to Peer Discussion Forums

As one of the most significant and durable new member benefits, all IPCA Forums are open and free to use without limit by all IPCA members in good standing.

Besides the learning and sharing that we hope will come from these peer-to-peer exchanges, we hope a new community will spring up as well. Unlike a retreat or workshop, these forums will provide ongoing contact with fellow artists you might never otherwise come to meet in person but who share similar interests. And unlike Facebook or other social media platforms, this is secure, private, and best of all, archived and searchable, providing all members with a rich resource that will only grow over time.

  • All posts are keyword searchable, resulting in a valuable resource that will grow over time.
  • New members will benefit from a rich archive of material created by their fellow members.
  • All members can connect directly with each other knowing that unlike much of social media, our forum is a safe and private space.


Moderators will be invited by the VPs of Education on the basis of their expertise in the subject of the forum, and will come from all areas of the world.

We understand that this, as well as questions and comments from fellow members who speak a language other than yours may present difficulties at times, but please remember, this is an international organization and it is important that all members feel included. Use of online translators may be useful, if imperfect, but its better than nothing, so please be patient, welcoming and understanding.

The moderator’s job is to guide the discussion, keep it on topic, or pose a question if the discussion is stalled. They are not teaching, leading a workshop, or available principally to answer questions, but may respond if appropriate to move the discussion forward.


Comments should of course be respectful, non-judgemental, helpful, and objective. While off-line conversations might well ensue from a discussion begun in a forum, please consider if it would benefit the group and if so, opt to continue it online. If any resources or suggestions are shared among members as a result of a forum, please share a link within the forum itself for all participants to see and benefit from.

Direct selling or promotion of one's own work, products, or tutorials is prohibited. Links to items that are pertinent to the conversation are allowed.

No politics, no beefs, no drama, just great ideas and information from our members!


All featured posts that appear on the IPCA Tutorials,Tools, and Tips Members' Forum have been reviewed by the FORUM TEAM of the IPCA. The information is, to the best of our knowledge, original or, if inspired by or shared with the permission or another artist, so attributed.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any declarations of authorship with absolute certainty and will not be held liable for any claims to the contrary.

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