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Welcome to the IPCA’s Health and Safety Folder. Here you will find Health and Safety information about many of the craft products used by polymer clay artists. 

The information was collected and organized by Kerrie Venner, former IPCA Vice President of Education & Outreach.

The H&S Folder is organised in the following way:

  • An Index to the contents. This is your place to begin.

  • The list of MSDS. The MSDS (Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheets) present the technical specifications of each product, the disposal requirements and any relevant hazards to health and environment. Everything that is manufactured is required by law to have such documents. Here, you can find out if any of the ingredients have any reported adverse effects on health; any special ways of disposal of the product; storage recommendations; what to do if the product is accidentally eaten, got onto skin or into the eyes; and any other facts that might be useful. One thing to note is that these guidelines are aimed at the product in large quantities – for the manufacturer, warehouse or transportation company. What may seem frightening, for example, what to do if the product catches fire, is not really relevant for the clayer in their studio. It would be of interest, though for the store selling the product.

  • Your guide to reading the MSDS. Technical terms explained.

  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Disclaimer – whilst we will endeavour to ensure all the information on this site is accurate, we are not experts, and the information is provided as a guide to general use of the product according to the instructions on the packaging.

Refer to the MSDS information sheets from the original manufacturers if there is ANY question about the information contained in the MSDS. The manufacturers are required to keep their MSDS update.

pdf IPCA Health & Safety Folder Master Document (1.49 MB) 

The documents are also stored individually within the Document Library.


Select Toggle Title Date Download
pdf Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers (All) (1850 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 196 KB)
pdf Adirondack Pigment Pads, Pens & Inks (All) (1906 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 197 KB)
pdf Archival Ink Pads & Ink (All) (1811 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 196 KB)
pdf Envirotex Lite Resin msds (1796 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 211 KB)
pdf IPCA Health and Safety master (1926 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 1.49 MB)
pdf KLEAR (1769 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 161 KB)
pdf Materials Safety Data Sheet terminology for beginners (1785 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 352 KB)
pdf Melt Art To Dye For (All) (1808 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 195 KB)
pdf MSDS E 6000 (1999 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 56 KB)
pdf Msds sheet fimo (1939 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 28 KB)
pdf Msds sheet kato (1815 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 45 KB)
pdf Msds sheet sculpey (1830 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 55 KB)
pdf MSDSKatoClearMedium (1730 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 73 KB)
pdf MSDSKatoPolyclay (1714 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 66 KB)
pdf MSDSRepelGel (1741 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 68 KB)
pdf Perfect Pearls (All) (1863 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 191 KB)
pdf PLEDGE Multi Surface Wax (1715 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 41 KB)
pdf Polymer notes (1877 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 347 KB)

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