What personal information you collect

We collect email address and names from those individuals subscribing to our newsletter.

We collect email address and contact information from paid members.

How and why you collect it

We collect the information to provide email newsletters and other membership benefits.

How you use it

Contact information is used to provide news, information, and member benefits.

How you secure it

Data is secured in a database on a cloud server running security software.

Any third parties with access to it

No third parties have access to the data. We do not set cookies on the site.

How users can control their data

Current members have the abiity to log in to the website and update their data.

If the data that needs to be updated is not accessible to the member, or the individual does not hold a current membership, they should contact the webmaster for assistance.


IPCA Mailing Address

Financial correspondence should be sent to:

International Polymer Clay Association
Attn: IPCA Treasurer
Northwest Registered Agent LLC
4445 Corporation Lane Ste 264
Virginia Beach VA 23462

IPCA2016 Horiz

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