The Board of Directors shall have the following elected officers:

The Immediate Past President, together with the above officers, constitute the Board of Directors of the Association.

In addition to general duties prescribed by these Bylaws, particular Officers shall have these specific rights and duties:


  • Provides leadership and vision to promote membership and to further the IPCA’s standing in the worldwide polymer clay community. 
  • Sees that the responsibilities of the Association, as described in the Bylaws, happen in a timely and credible manner. 
  • Liaises with and guides Board members to help solve problems that arise.
  • Reports to IPCA Membership via a letter in the official IPCA publication(s) if there is one during their time on the board. 
  • Sets dates and times of Board meetings and compiles agenda.
  • Conducts Board meetings according to IPCA Bylaws.
  • Conducts Board business via e-mail between meetings on an as needed basis.
  • Reviews draft budget provided by Treasurer.
  • Responds to IPCA related e-mails on a daily basis.
  • May approve bills for payment and may authorize individual expenditures not already in the budget for up to $250.
  • Assists in some capacity with the Global Exhibition

Vice President of Program Development

  • The Vice President of Program Development is responsible for overseeing existing, and developing new programs and events created by or for the members of the IPCA for the exclusive use of its members in good standing. This includes any educational material presented at IPCA events, its website, or publications.
  • To accomplish these tasks, the Vice President of Program Development shall work in partnership with all other Vice Presidents to manage any ongoing programs with an educational component, primarily with the Vice President of Global Outreach and Vice President of Communications but also, in conjunction with certain events or as needed, the Vice President of Communication and Vice President of Membership, and the President.
  • In consultation with the Board, and Vice President of Global Outreach and Vice President of Communications to promote public awareness of polymer clay as a fine art and craft medium. Works with outside publications, museums, and galleries to educate the public about polymer clay.
  • Provides content to the IPCA website and digital publications as necessary.
  • Recruits members and artists to provide content for IPCA scheduled virtual or in person programs.
  • The Vice President of Program Development may request or seek additional support either directly or via the Board if special circumstances require it.
  • Coordinates with the President and Treasurer in the initial planning of IPCA events.
  • Provides a concise, written report to the IPCA Board each month.
  • Represents the IPCA at regional events.
  • Responds to IPCA related emails on a daily basis.

Vice President of Membership Development

  • Prepares a monthly membership report for the Board from information in the IPCA database.
  • Keeps newsletter lists up to date via regular IPCA/Mailchimp sync’s, with the frequency determined by the online event schedule.
  • Conducts the Membership Recognition Program, partnering with polymer clay manufacturers to provide quarterly awards to members.
    • Interface with manufacturers during the selection process.
    • Writes an article for the IPCA website about the winner for the previous quarter, including images of the member’s work and selection feedback from the manufacturer.
  • Manages the Member Benefits program.
    • Actively seeks out discounts, special programs, etc. for the program.
    • Solicits input from members on the program.
    • Ensures that any coupon codes, etc. are current and removed or replaced as needed.
    • Ensures that the Membership Welcome and Renewal letters are up to date with accurate member benefit information.
  • Represents the IPCA at regional events.
  • Responds to IPCA related emails on a daily basis.
  • Provides account/password issue resolution for members.


Vice President for Communications

  • Can contribute content to IPCA publication.
  • Schedules virtual events for IPCA members and the polymer clay community. Works with a committee of volunteers to host these events on the online platform of choice.
  • Accepts content and information from the other Vice Presidents and their representatives.
  • Determines what information goes into IPCA publications, social media, or on the IPCA website.
  • Coordinates advertising sales for social media.
  • Contributes up to date information to the web team for publication on the website.
  • Works closely with the Secretary and the Vice Presidents to communicate interesting and important information to all members using the website, newsletter and/or IPCA social media tools.
  • Creates links between all social media.
  • Creates PR material for members to download.
  • Provides a concise, written report to the IPCA Board each month.
  • Represents the IPCA at regional events.
  • Responds to IPCA related emails on a daily basis.
  • Creates graphic content when needed for website, newsletter, social media, and special programs.
  • Monitors percentage rates and data on social media accounts and Mailchimp.
  • Works closely with the President to create a weekly/monthly schedule of content for the website, newsletter, and Facebook pages.
  • Submits any receipts for approved goods and/or services to the treasurer in a timely manner.


  • Must be a US resident.
  • Works with the Board to ensure that the organization operates within the financial regulations established by the IPCA and local fiscal laws. Establishes best IPCA fiscal practices. When requested, assists during Event registration periods or Events.
  • Establishes policies and structure to ensure the safekeeping of the IPCA's financial resources, within the framework of GASB non-profit accounting.
  • Advises the Board and Event Committees regarding IRS and GASB regulations related to Non-Profits, conferring with the Association’s auditors or the IRS or local regulators when necessary.
  • Negotiates and executes banking agreements and banking relationships, including obtaining a debit/credit card for normal monthly charges.
  • Establishes a system of fund flow within the IPCA to support approved programs.
  • Receives checks, cash, and money orders payable to IPCA; enters monies received into the bookkeeping records and deposits funds into IPCA account. Maintains PDF copies of bills in a financial historical data bank. This includes detailed daily revenue breakouts from PayPal spreadsheets.
    • Professional bookkeeper prepares consolidated monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for the IPCA.
    • Maintains detailed accounting records in QuickBooks Pro for Non-profits software (by Intuit) supplied by IPCA with supporting documents in PDF format in a historical financial data bank.
    • Prepares monthly reports of revenues and expenditures for the Board.
    • Prepares necessary files and forwards them to the independent accountant who does the yearly IPCA audit.
  • Pays vendors and reimburses IPCA officers and committee chairs for approved expenditures.
  • Monitors spending to maintain the approved budget. Assists Officers and committee chairs in establishing their annual budgets.
  • Prepares IRS form 990-N (February) from bookkeeper’s reports. Form 990ez is not applicable unless we earn $50,000.00 or more during a physical year.
  • Completes online annual Virginia Corporate Annual Report filing (March), and annually pays Virginia Annual Fee (January).
  • Negotiates and executes liability Insurance for the Board (annually). Maintains a relationship with the Association’s Registered Business Agent.
  • Participates in regular meetings of the Board (usually by conference call) and makes reports as requested (schedule to be determined, no less than quarterly)
  • Participates in monthly meetings of Event Committees as requested, acting as a financial/regulatory sounding board and providing historical financial data of previous events.
  • Maintains historical financial data bank in pdf and spreadsheet formats.
  • The Treasurer should be ready to act as a resource to Officers and Committee Chairs, offering guidance, advice, and assistance when requested.
  • Provides a concise, written report to the IPCA Board each month.
  • Represents the IPCA at regional events.
  • Responds to IPCA-related emails on a daily basis.



  • Maintains copies of IPCA Bylaws Board Minutes and Board roster in electronic format, including a backup.
  • Participates in board meetings and decision making conducted by including video conferencing.
  • Takes Minutes at monthly Board meetings.
  • Takes steps to ensure the use of parliamentary procedure. Refer to Article XII.
  • Emails the board members when the minutes are completed and in the Google Drive. 
  • Helps monitor status of Board business conducted by e-mail to ensure the completion of ongoing business and members are aware of votes in progress and required actions.
  • Reports business conducted by e-mail in standard Minutes format.
  • If we have a digital magazine, then the secretary will help proofread.
  • Helps with the yearly exhibition in some capacity.

IPCA Mailing Address

Financial correspondence should be sent to:

International Polymer Clay Association
Attn: IPCA Treasurer
Northwest Registered Agent LLC
4445 Corporation Lane Ste 264
Virginia Beach VA 23462

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