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Personalized nametags:

Devote one meeting for members to create their permanent nametags, designed to be worn as a pendant (buna cord works well). Tags can reflect favorite colors or pc technique. The design should incorporate their name in letters large enough to be read easily. (Tiny rubber stamps can be used or tape added after baking which can be written on with indelible ink.) To ensure that people always have their nametags, tags can be kept by the membership chair or pres, or a small fine collected from people who forget. Money can go into a "treat" fund for goodies shared at meetings.

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Starting and Running a Polymer Clay Guild

IPCA’'s relationship to local guilds:

Because polymer clay education & sharing is one of IPCA’s major goals, we encourage local guild development 100%. The job of the Guild Liaison is to provide help & support for local groups & to foster communication between them. The current guild liaison may be reached via e-mail . IPCA currently does not have any requirements or financial ties with local guilds. So if you want to start a guild, feel free! Keep us posted on your activities and new officers and we’ll help you connect with new and potential members.

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