2020 Global IPCA Exhibition

Asset 8by Kathryn Corbin, IPCA VP, Program Development

What does an organization do when it’s international members can’t meet in person? Like everyone else in the Year of Covid, we learned and deployed Zoom. Thanks to our VP of Communications, Ann Hlavach, who was willing to host a regular members’ zoom get together every Sunday that moved monthly through all international time zones to accommodate those heading to bed when some of us were just waking, members were able to interact with each each other on a more or less regular basis in a more or less face-to-face manner. She later added a Wednesday morning meet up that is more topic-and demo-based. Still, these are fleeting, informal, in the moment. What could we offer members that was BIG? NEW? EXCLUSIVE? NO COST TO MEMBERS? REMOTE?

Curious to see what everyone was up to after a long, strange year of separation, we decided to try an event idea that had been discussed as a potential component of the next Synergy Conference….which never happened, of course. But it seemed like maybe, and maybe even better, a virtual exhibition could be that event to bring us together again.

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