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Staedtler Award for Excellence in Two Dimensional Work

1st Place: Marisol Ross, United States

2nd Place: Angela Barenholtz, Israel

3rd Place: Laurie Mika, United States

Tory Hughes Memorial Award for Excellence in Jewelry and Wearable Art

1st Place: Martina Buriánová, Czech Republic

2nd Place (Three Way Tie):

Christine Dumont, France

Corliss Rose, United States

Donna Greenberg, United States

3rd Place: Lynn Yuhr, United States

Cernit Award for Excellence in Three Dimensional Work

1st Place: Georg Dinkel, Germany

2nd Place: Fiona Abel-Smith, United Kingdom

3rd Place: Valérie Ronvel-Blaya, France

Sculpey Award for Excellence in Containers and Vessels

1st Place: Angela Wiggins, United States

2nd Place: Jayne Dwyer, United States

3rd Place: Helen Malchow, United States

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