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About the Artist

Since I was a little girl making mud pies decorated with tulip petals I have loved being creative. In 1997 I discovered polymer clay by viewing the Carol Duval Show. My son's elementary school art class introduced me to the more pliable , Sculpey polymer clay. My enthusiasm lead me to become one of the founding members of the Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Guild. Through the guild I have been fortunate to study with many famous polymer artists.

During the past 25 years my exploration of creating polymer art has evolved from jewelry and home decor items. Painting with watercolor was my first artistic background and over the past 7 years I have been excited to dovetail painting with polymer clay.

The polymer paintings I create attempt to offer surprise, inspiration, reflection, and questioning to the viewer.  The pigmented clay offers boundless possibilities to entice viewers to touch, look closely and be surprised by the medium.



2021 Exhibition Images

Key West Landmarks IV

Key West Landmarks IV

14 x 7"

Polymer clay and oil paint on canvas

Unframed sculptural polymer painting of Armory, Hemingway House, Southern Most Beach House, Light House and ever-present mascot chickens.Mounted on canvas, accented with oil paints.

Two Dimensional Work

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Low relief scene of famous buildings in Key West, Florida

Starry Night Strings

Starry Night Strings

9 x 12"

Polymer clay on wood panel

Swirling colorful and textured strings of polymer clay echo the beauty of Van Gogh's Starry Night. The unframed polymer painting is mounted on a wood panel.

Two Dimensional Work

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Rendering of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" in stings of polymer clay

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