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About the Artist

I began sculpting in 1996 and being self- taught, my minimal training has left me free to approach clay sculpting in an experimental way. 
Many mediums are used to create unique pieces.

Currently teaching 3 polymer/ Mixed media Sculpting classes each week in Canberra, Australia.
Co-Ordinator for Canberra Art/ Craft Retreat. www.contemporarycraftretreat.com.au. Facebook: Sculptural-Emanations




2021 Exhibition Images

Leafy Sea Dragon (Wall trophy)

Leafy Sea Dragon (Wall trophy)

75 x 40 cm

Air dry polymer clay, wire, foil, glass, paint

Sculpted over a wire and foil armature, glass eye included. Air Brushed for colour.

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Three Dimensional Work

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Sculpture of the head, neck, and shoulders of a leafy sea dragon hanging on a wall as a trophy

Angler Fish (Wall hanging)

Angler Fish (Wall hanging)

34 x 27 cm

CosClay and Premo clay, brass wire, half pearls and glass eye, paint

Canes and texture added for detail. Painted using Pebeo Prisme/ Fantasy Enamels.

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Two Dimensional Work

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Low relief portrait of a blue angler fish with very large teeth

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