About the Artist: Valérie Ronvel-Blaya

Valérie Ronvel-Blaya (aka Veesuel) is a French artist with a vast experience in the handcrafted arts. Having worked extensively with different media such as wood, paper or even 3D modeling, she uses the skills she's gained over the years to inform her polymer clay creations. Her eclectic designs reflect her interest in art in general and her appreciation for the technical possibilities of polymer clay which she explores and pushes with relentless passion. Her creations, often complex, provide a unique combination of subtlety and precision, shade and transparency which immerse you in an enchanting world of mystery and harmony. Valerie is also the owner of polystudio.fr, an online product platform for the polymer clay artist. Through years of dedication to her art and to serving the needs of the polymer clay community, she has emerged as a strong artistic and commercial presence in the French polymer clay scene.



Exhibition Images

Take Shelter

Take Shelter

Overall height : 75 cm, Overall width : 50 cm, Overall depth : 30 cm, Polymer clay, acrylic "wool"

3 protective nests, 3 sanctuaries to isolate yourself, to take shelter and find quiet.

2020 VRonvelBlaya 1 2

2020 VRonvelBlaya 1 3


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