Monrovia, California
United States

About the Artist: Karen Mitchell

Award winning jewelry designer, author, and teacher, Karen Mitchell and her sister, Ann Mitchell, established their mixed-media jewelry company, AnKara Designs, in 1991, Their work has appeared at numerous juried arts and crafts shows, as well as in film, television, books, magazines, museum collections, and theatrical productions. Artist's statement: Life is a collage. Exploration, experimentation, evolution- those are elements of creativity that move me forward. The immediate world: events, architecture, antiques, botanical gardens, and the urban landscape present local inspiration. I love color, pattern, and texture, and constantly look for ways to accentuate my work with these elements. Moved by what is happening now, I am seeking to express that through my designs.


Exhibition Images

Remnants, Remembrance, Rebirth

Remnants, Remembrance, Rebirth

Dimensions: 12" L x 12 5/8" W, Liquid polymer clay, fabric, wire, thread.

Created from the remnants and scraps of over 500 handmade and donated face coverings, this neckpiece is an homage to the lost year. Dissent and strength (RBG), community and caring, sadness and hope, and new avenues for creativity are the intertwined messages woven into the fabric of the design, reflecting the ragged beauty of a globally shared experience.

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