About the Artist: Christine Dumont

I am a contemporary jewellery artist and international instructor in the art of polymer clay. My degree in Cognitive Science has been instrumental in my personal approach to tapping into creativity in my own work as well as my students. In 2010 I created Voila!, an influential polymer design website that brought professionals and beginners together in a unique online format. Voila! is the first platform to focus on the importance of good design practice within the polymer community. By offering a thoughtful balance of practical, technical information with more in depth discussion concerning emotional and aesthetic choice, Voila! became a 'go to' site for artists wishing to improve their work. I created a critique system that focuses primarily on the strengths of participant's works while tactfully guiding them to reach higher for the best possible outcome. Art is a way of connecting with the world and I share the joy I find in it through teaching.


Exhibition Images

Mending Time: new flowers in an old pot

Mending Time: new flowers in an old pot

Brooch, Size: 8.5 x 5.5 x 1.75 cm, Materials: Polymer clay, stainless steel, silver, bamboo

2020 has been tough, chaotic and almost surreal for everyone. There was certainty in the sculptural forms I had explored earlier in my artistic career. Reconnecting with them anchored me. As I was finishing my piece, placing flowers in a pot felt like an affirmation of the continuity of existence and a counterweight to the madness outside my window.


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