Georg Dinkel

Georg Dinkel

Day of Judgement

The Day of Judgement is a peep box about mind control and virtual reality. It is consisting of a wooden box with a big, flat magnifying screen, through which the viewer sees the stage setting.

The Major Judge is placed in the middle on a pedestal. He is a knight in shining armor equipped with a data helmet, a data glove on his left and a magic beamer in his right hand. He takes his power from a tapped and infected heart in the tower below him.

The twelve Grand Jury members are brain-controlled human heads placed on choir stalls. They are tied to a parasite worm in a bell jar.
The defendant with ball and chain is kneeing on a iron pedestal in front of the judge.

The peep box has a 24“x18“ fresnel screen which gives a artificial (and weird!) three-dimensional view of the scene inside. A lot of LED lights and mirrors on the walls and ceiling enhance this impression.
The lights and an ambient noise with sound effects will start after money is put in a coin slot.

( However I really tried, the 3D effect can’t be photographed, so I took one picture of the whole box with the stand and one of the interior without the screen.)

Size of the Box: LxBxH 95x60x75cm ( 38“x24“x30“)
Box with stand: H 185cm (73“)

EvaMarie	Törnström

EvaMarie Törnström

Na Pali Coast

Hawaii is paradise on earth – but Hawaii is also magnificient and wild. When I visited Hawaii this year in April I was madly inspired by the nature, the waterfalls, the colors and the wildlife. The most impressive and scenic part was the Na Pali Coast on the island of Kauai. The first time I saw the breathtaking scenery was from a helicopter where I could came right up to the cliffs with the blue sea with its white waves deep below. Next day I saw the Na Pali coast when we passed it with the cruising ship Pride of America. When I came home I knew I hade to make myself a very special memory. I decided to make a three-dimensional ”painting” with polymer clay on ordinary black canvas to show the structure of these old volcanoes and how the lava slowly have been floating down, creating these amazing shapes that you still can see, even if the lava stream now are cold and have been transformed into black stone. Sometimes my tears are falling when I create, and while creating these three pieces, I cried more than I have ever done before – listening to the soft Hawaiian folk music.

Linda Leach

Linda Leach


Inspired by the gift of a labradorite cabochon from an artist friend, Feathers incorporates the lovely blues & golds of this unusual stone that shifts color with the light. Starting with a frame of brass strips and brass wire, the piece is then filled in with ultra-light Sculpey. During this process a copper plate which was hand drawn with double circles and stripes is etching in a bath of Ferric Chloride.

The Etching Alternative© veneer is made with liquid clay and alcohol inks in layers on the etched copper plate. Once the veneer is ready, it is cut to fit into the frame made by the brass strips and wire. A Mokume Gane veneer is fit into the remaining spots and on the clasp. The labradorite cabochon is adhered to the center of the pendant and surrounded by strips of gold clay. After baking the entire piece is assembled using brass jump rings.

Length of necklace: 23”

Pendant: 5” x 3”
Madlen Leitman

Madlen Leitman

Raspberry Gift

Materials: leather, backing polymerclay
The leather purse of handwork is decorated by fragrant berries of raspberry, the main thing not to eat them :)

Debbie Crothers

Debbie Crothers

Champagne Crab

How delicious is the delicate meat of a crab? We savour the flavour and marvel at the amount of luscious white meat in each claw. And when we’re done, those large, strong claws end up in compost or land fill somewhere. So let me take those claws and breath new life into them. Let me surround them with colourful goodness and let me show off their true beauty once again. Creating a MM, sculptural artwork in the shape of a necklace tells the story of my journey and my personal joy in creating bespoke jewellery pieces. Each polymer and MM component has been created as a stand alone element but when arranged together creates an artistic, symbolic neckpiece.

Materials used: Polymer clay, real crab claws and crab leg components, real coral, Tyvek paper, Swarovski beads and crystals, copper artistic wire, foils.

Size: 32cm wide x 39cm high

Karen Mitchell

Karen Mitchell

“Horta Culture”

Dimensions: necklace length- 23 ½”, dimensions of larger scroll element- 4 3/1/4” x 3”

Materials used: polymer, geode slices, wire, and metal clasp

Techniques: canes, cane veneer, hand sculpting, sandwich construction

The civilized world takes many twists and turns as it snakes its way toward overtaking natural (or alien) worlds. Inspired by the human drive for expansion in new lands, and their interaction with a silicon-based alien, the initial impression is one of hostility. An early encounter stirs up fear of the unknown, evoking the tribal instincts of the humans and sharp edged reaction of the alien. With an effort by the two entities to communicate and bond in unexpected ways, the experience eventually turns to a harmonious coexistence with discovery of common elements.