Optimism Exhibition IPCA Member Reunion - What REALLY Happened!

Join IPCA members Denise Fitzsimmons, Paula Lewis, Deena Dubin, Libby Mills, and Lynne Sole for a Lex/Art "Optimism" reunion!

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Meet Ginger Davis Allman, Polymer Clay Guru

Amy recently interviewed IPCA member Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree and we have the video for you!

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Design Lab Materials

Files and videos from the July 24, 2022 Design Lab are available now. Members will need to log in to the website and visit the Zoom Specials section. 

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A Creative Weekend Out

Amy joined IPCA Board Member Julie Picarrello for her Mokume Gane class at Creative Journey Studios in Milton, GA July 8th. Watch as Amy gets class/retreat packing tips from her classmates and shows off their final class creations!

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Feeling Uninspired? Sure-fire Ways to Spark Your Creativity and Keep Your Inspirational Juices Flowing

English Version

Versione Italiana

At a recent IPCA Zoom get together, a new member, who happens to also be pretty new to polymer clay, asked the following question:

I am new to clay and I am already feeling uninspired. I have watched so many tutorials but I don't know what to do next to stay inspired. How do you all stay inspired?

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Zoom Challenge - are YOU in?

Are you working on our Wednesday/Sunday ZOOM CHALLENGE?

The challenge is to create something in polymer clay with something you have never tried, in a technique you have never tried, about a theme you have never tried, etc. It’s a personal challenge!

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